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The full NKJV text with added features is a great value for a new Christian or someone interested in learning more about God.

The New King James Version Bible is one of the most trusted, distributed, and best-selling English translations. The NKJV Outreach Bible is ideal for ministries and churches who want to share the Gospel with those interested in God’s Word and Christianity. Features such as charts, maps, a plan of salvation, reading plan, and overviews of the major part of the Bible, make it easy for first-time Bible readers to understand Scripture. This easy-to-share and affordable Bible can be used as a gift to new or non-believers, on outreach events, or mission trips.

Features Include:

Complete text of the New King James Version
Bible section introductions with maps for context to better understand what you are about to read along with a visual representation of where biblical events took place
Getting to Know God explains a how a person can have a personal relationship with God through Jesus
Life in New Testament Times help you relate to how people lived in Bible times
Ministry, Miracles, and Parables of Jesus call out important events and teachings during Jesus’ earthly ministry
ABC’s of Salvation section clearly presents the grand narrative of the Bible pointing to Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for salvation
30 Days with Jesus Reading Plan provides an easy guide to begin reading the Bible by using brief passages from Jesus’ life
Clear and readable 8-point Print
NKJV sectional headings for a brief description of the text about to be read

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