Broken Crayons Still Color

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Author:Toni Collier
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Help your kids process big feelings, build a social-emotional tool kit, and find beauty in life’s challenges with this creative story that expresses the hope of the gospel from podcast host, speaker, and mom Toni Collier.

Avery has big emotions and bubbling anxieties about changes in her life. When her crayons break as she scribbles furiously, she discovers that they have personalities and feelings too! And they can show her how to use her love of coloring to manage scary, overwhelming feelings and embrace curiosity and joy. As Avery follows the crayons’ advice, gets creative, and chooses bravery and positive thinking, she discovers that God can use her to make beautiful things, even with broken crayons.

In Broken Crayons Still Color, children 4 to 8 will

see that everyone feels frustrated and overwhelmed at times
learn to express emotions and explore creativity
practice coping skills, such as drawing worries, affirmations, and breathing
understand that God loves them just as they are and He can turn their mistakes and weaknesses into beautiful new things
This illustrated picture book includes

an inventive illustration style that models to children how to draw their own feelings
an emotion color chart to guide children in identifying how they feel
With a fun story, silly crayon characters, and practical guidance for kids struggling with powerful emotions, insecurity, and perfectionism, Broken Crayons Still Color will entertain children as it assures them that God is making a beautiful masterpiece out of things they thought were broken. The presentation page and deluxe dust jacket make this encouraging book a beautiful gift for back-to-school, kids facing new experiences and tough situations, and any child with big feelings.

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