How to Put Love First: Find Meaningful Connection with God, Your People

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Author:Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff
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Do you feel your relationships are lacking deep connections? Do you feel your time with God could be more rewarding? New York Times bestselling author Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband, Christian, invite you on a 90-day journey to embrace a life-giving relationship with God and experience authentic, healthy relationships with your people and your community.

You are meant to be in relationships that bring joy and connection—that help you know soul-deep peace and leave you feeling loved instead of lonely. Instead, surface-level friendships, filtered social media feeds, unresolved conflicts, and unhealthy relationships can often seem to harm our self-worth, spiritual growth, and mental health—and keep us from the very relationships that could bring that true connection.

How to Put Love First reminds you that prioritizing and deepening your love relationship with God is the key to growing healthy relationships in every area of life. Through personal stories of their own walks with God, their pitfalls and victories in relationships of all kinds, and biblical encouragement, Sadie and Christian will help you:

Find peace and connection in your relationship with God
Enjoy healthier, happier relationships with close friends and family
Learn how to resolve conflict, offer forgiveness, and endure loneliness
Reap the mental and spiritual health benefits of thriving in community
As an added bonus, Dr. Josh Kirby, a psychologist and life coach, joins Sadie and Christian to speak into some of the key themes in the book to offer informed, practical counsel to further help you incorporate these important teachings into your life.

If your relationships feel more frustrating than life-giving or if you feel like something deeply important is missing in your life, join Sadie and Christian on this 90-day challenge to discover the joy and freedom of being loved and loving well.

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