Calm Your Anxiety: 60 Biblical Quotes for Better Mental Health

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Author:Robert J Morgan
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Do you often feel nervous, restless, or tense? Is there a feeling in the pit of your stomach that sometimes feels crippling? Does the potential danger or panic feel like it’s taken over your life? If yes is your response to those questions, you are not alone.

Pastor and bestselling author Robert Morgan has dealt with anxiety his entire life. Once he accepted his anxiety and committed to dealing with it every day, he felt peace and hope. In Calm Your Anxiety: 60 Biblical Insights for Better Mental Health, Morgan takes you on a 60-day journey that will help you make managing your anxiety a good habit and shift your mindset.

Morgan will teach you how to celebrate God’s goodness, ask God for help, and how to stop letting anxiety rule your life. Each day Morgan presents a daily practice that includes:

a daily Scripture.
an inspirational entry focusing on rejoicing, gentleness, nearness, prayer, thanksgiving, thinking, discipleship, or peace.
a prompt for deeper reflection.
This daily reader features excerpts and adapted content from Morgan’s Worry Less, Live More. If you’re ready to make the commitment to yourself and live a more fulfilling and joy-filled life, allow Robert Morgan to come alongside and teach you how to calm your anxiety.

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